3 reasons to get a VPN

Confidently make purchases online when based overseas.

If you are traveling or residing overseas and want to create an internet buy at your home country’s e-commerce page, that site may drop your offer as your IP address is in a foreign country. A VPN fixes this issue by producing you an IP address in your home nation, making your order much more likely to be allowed by the e-commerce platform.

Guarding your privacy.

Primarily when operating in public Wi-Fi networks, spying on your network traffic is simple for others that are close to you. Unless the website you’re browsing exercises the use of https, they are capable of seeing and documenting everything you’re doing, including possibly catching your passwords. A VPN encrypts all your network traffic, maintaining it protected from the hackers.

Avoid getting locked out of your major accounts because of logins from different IPs.

Online banking services such as PayPal generally lock out clients when they log in from an overseas IP address. A VPN stops all this by providing you your home country’s IP address. What are you waiting for? Download DewVPN now! Better Safe than Sorry!

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