Internet Privacy

Is there still such a thing as internet privacy? You can see everything on the internet from what your friend ate to where your neighbor went yesterday. Information from millions of people is posted publicly daily. No wonder hacking people’s account is such an easy fit nowadays. Everything that they need to know is posted on Social Media.

The Internet has become an important tool for people in this era. We depend on the Internet for sending / receiving emails, posting / sharing pictures and posts on social networking sites, online shops, data searches, etc.

Privacy is a significant problem for all Internet consumers, but internet privacy is becoming harder to assume.

Internet privacy is the amount of privacy and safety of personal information released through the Internet. All companies and consumers are worried about infringement of privacy and threats because there is a huge chance that data will fall into the hands of cyber criminals. That’s why companies pay thousands of dollars for their online protection.

What should we do to protect and secure out internet privacy?

We should be careful when connecting to public Wifis. Never ever trust those Wifi connections without passwords. That might be a trap from hackers that are trying to steal personal data from people connected to their trap Wifi.

You should also be aware with the “Access Granting” for some apps on your phone. You may have unknowingly granted access to your phones database, giving the hackers easy access to your personal accounts.

And also those apps that takes photo o f you, like the Face-app or those Snap-chat filters. They store your photos on their database and can use them whenever and wherever they like because you have granted them access to your phone and you also checked the terms and conditions upon installing the app. Your face could be posted somewhere in China because they have stored your photo and used it without your consent. Try to avoid those apps.

Every time you tag your where about on your photo and post it on Social Media is another thing to be worried about. The internet can now store your location, it can track you because of those digital footprints that you leave on your public posts. Don’t tag the places you’ve been to.

Lastly you can look into getting a reliable VPN or Virtual Private Network. There are a lot of VPNs to choose from. There are free VPNs like DewVPN or you can opt to get those paid subscriptions too. Try DewVPN and get a feel of how VPNs work. DewVPN is a user friendly VPN that will save you from those nasty hackers.

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