What does google know about me

Google is very familiar with you. If you use its goods, such as Gmail, Google Search, or even an Android phone, the business collects your information to improve its end-user facilities. Google has riches of information about you thanks to the data the gigantic tech uses to sell advertisements. It also offers suggestions for searches depending on your past searches. Google even keeps track of you all the time, and that’s because you permitted to do so.

While using Google’s search engine, Google maintains a background for every search you made on the internet. This alone is a bunch of data, but when combined with the following, it becomes even more detailed.

  • Google monitors your YouTube searches and maintains a record of every clip you’ve watched.
  • Using Google Maps will offer Google access to your place and background, mainly when using the navigation features. Maybe you don’t know, but Google owns the popular alternative to Google Maps, Waze.
  • It also stores your text messages and app usage of your phone.

Although you would need to pay a certain sum to access a few specific information, you will still be prepared to locate the postal location of the person and everything.

Try using a VPN so that Google can’t track you. DewVPN can make you appear that you are from a different country, therefore Google can’t trace you. Best of all, It’s FREE!

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