What should you know about SIM Swapping

SIM hijacking is an unknown risk, but it is increasing. SIM swapping is mainly a method by which hackers activate your number on their SIM card. The hacker will then use your cellphone number to obtain other internet accounts, generally via text message. This would lead to the owner losing possession of its information. Obtaining your account, hackers can perform a 2-step checking method in multiple locations, and they can also buy from your wireless carrier whatever they want.

The excellent news is that, if you have a SIM swapping assault, you may be able to take measures to restrict the repercussions.

The simplest way to prevent SIM hijacking is by executing a few  rules:

  • Users should restrict disclosing too many private information online and click on alerts to recognize any efforts to access their account with their bank and telephone company.
  • You should extract your cellphone number from any account that might catch the attention of hackers.
  • You can place a PIN or passcode on your account as offered by each leading US company.
  • The other step that you can follow is by just being alert. If you notice some unfamiliar activities in your phone records and your other accounts are not sending updates like they were doing before through SMS, that means that someone might have hacked your sim and your accounts. The earlier you act to prevent takeovers from taking into consideration, the safer you will be.
  • Finally, safeguard your SIM locally by providing your own PIN on your phone. Please notice that PINs are distinct to SIM PINs for mobile providers. A SIM PIN is a code to access the SIM on your phone directly.
  • You can also try using a VPN. VPNs will make your IP Address disappear! Well, not really disappear but it can hide it! It can make you seem like you are on a different country so hackers wont see you and cannot hack into your Sim.Give the DewVPN a try. It’s free forever!

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