Why delete your Instagram account

Why delete Instagram? Are you crazy?

Instagram is one of the biggest Social Media platforms right now. Instagram has over 100 million Global Instagram audiences. Imagine that much people can see your posts.

Why would you want to delete Instagram?

1. Knows where you are.

Like so many other apps, Instagram accesses and tracks your location automatically if you don’t switch off the function. If you add Geo tags to your pictures, that data is logged and can grant Instagram a good idea of where you spend a great deal of your time. That’s why you may notice advertisements that apply to your place of residence.

2. Creates a Perfect life. (Not True)

Because Instagram is filled with picture-perfect photos from the influencers that post them for a livelihood. You may want to have the life that they have. That may cause anxiety or depression. Every picture that’s posted was perfect. Pretty face, grand house, expensive cars. It looks great, but it may send the wrong message to its viewers.

3. You spend too much time on your phone.

You’ll get sucked into the black hole of Instagram. Liking and following people that you don’t even know. You won’t notice that you already have spent 4 hours on your phone just scrolling through photos and videos. Time wasted, right? You could’ve been productive with some other things.

These are just a few things that will make you think to delete your Instagram account. You may start a Social Media cleanse and I promise you will feel a lot better! Like a LOT better! You won’t be comparing yourself to other Socialites on Instagram and you won’t see any ridiculous trends or bad news that’s circulating the web.

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