Why not to trust the internet

Let’s be honest, the internet changed our lives when it started back in 1983. It gave us the ability to browse web pages all over the world. It was like everything was in the palm of our hands!

The internet has gone a long way from the day it started. Nowadays you can do some crazy stuff with it like study courses online, buy anything that you can think off, and you can even be a different person! Crazy right?

So here’s where everything gets a little bit scary about the internet. “You can be a different person”. You can literally create a persona that you can introduce to the world. You can be the richest person in your city or the most famous actor in your country. The possibilities are endless. Imagine meeting someone online, saying that they are a doctor and a philanthropist. You talk to them, share stories, be friends. And when you meet them, they are not who they say they are, and you just got catfished! See what crazy things the internet can do?

Hackers. You probably have heard over the news about hackers hacking the government and other important facilities around the world. They steal information off of your computer’s database with the use of the internet. Imagine you just went to Starbucks to order your favorite drink and you connect to their public wifi to just relax and scroll through Facebook and Instagram etc..

Since you connected to a public wifi, which has no protection whatsoever; no antivirus, no firewall, no nothing. Your phone is now vulnerable to a hacker’s attack. They can now see what’s on your phone. They can see all your messages, contacts, call logs, and the usernames and passwords for all of your accounts that are saved in your phone. That can be your Facebook account, Instagram, Google account, Paypal and many more. They now have free access to your whole life! Well, not really your whole life but you do get the idea right?

And the craziest thing that the internet can do is to watch you. Watch your every move using satellites that can connect to any camera in the whole world! The government really does this to spy on the people that they want. So I suggest that you watch the cameras on your laptops, on your phones and tablets. See if there’s a blinking light, check if it’s recording you.

Would you still trust the internet now?

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