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Is DewVPN really free?

Yes! Since the beginning, the goal of our service is to make DeWVPN completely free forever.

  • DewVPN is 100% free for private (non-commercial) use. You'll have access to all the functions of the app and enjoy unlimited bandwidth, speed and location switching on all our servers - Everything is unlimited.
  • For commercial use DewVPN for the corporations or some users may prefer not to contribute their idle resources to the community-powered network, and thus can pay for the DewVPN Premium Subscription.

How does DewVPN make money?

DewVPN makes its revenue by providing corporations the same VPN service we provide to our free users, but the difference is for commercial use, DewVPN charges a fee("Premium Subscription"). This enables us to make DewVPN free, and keep it free forever!

Does DewVPN serve any advertisments to the users?

No. DewVPN is 100% free of advertisments.

Does DewVPN really store no logs?

DewVPN's core mission is to keep your information private. In service of this mission, DewVPN’s headquarters and registered place of business is in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), which has stricter laws concerning information disclosure than most countries.

The BVI has no data retention laws, and any legal order requiring a BVI company to disclose customer records must come from the BVI Supreme Court. Under BVI law, information requests from foreign courts or law enforcement are subject to a "dual criminality" provision, meaning that the request is upheld by the BVI Supreme Court only if the same crime is punishable by at least a one-year prison sentence under BVI law, had it taken place in the BVI. Should we receive a valid legal order from the BVI Supreme Court.

It is important to note that DewVPN does not store any logs that could be used to identify any specific user, even when compelled, we cannot provide data that we do not possess.

How secure and anonymous is DewVPN?

DewVPN employs top-of-the-line military-grade 256-bit encryption to protect your data, and keeps your real IP safely hidden while you browse the internet with complete privacy.

How does DewVPN protect my privacy and security?

DewVPN does not collect, store, or sell your personal identifiable information, and never will.

We use best-in-class physical, procedural, and technical security with respect to our offices and information storage facilities so as to prevent any loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification of information.

Our servers are housed in data centers with strong security practices. None of these data centers require us to collect or store any traffic data or personal information related to your use of our Services. If any data center were to ask us to log such data, we would immediately cease operations with said data center and find alternative options.

What operating systems do you currently support?

DewVPN is designed to work on all platforms, at the moment we released the Windows version app which works on all Windows OS both 32-bit and 64-bit from XP to Win10.

Apps for the other platforms are under testing, We will release once its ready.

Can i use DewVPN only on some apps alone?

Yes. Except like using the other VPN services that your entire system and all the apps go through the VPN, DewVPN also has "Split Tunneling" feature, where you can choose which apps to use VPN and which to go through your local network.

What is a community powered (Peer-to-Peer) VPN?

DewVPN is the community powered (Peer-to-Peer) VPN, allows a community of users to pool together and route their internet connections through each other, from that users can help each other to make the internet free for all, by sharing their idle resources. The Peer-to-Peer VPN architecture is more anonymous, secure and harder to block than the regular VPN services. At the moment, DewVPN works in a hybrid mode which combining traditional VPN with Peer-to-Peer technology together.

How do I uninstall DewVPN?

DewVPN client for Windows:
Go to 'Programs and Features' in 'Control Panel' > look for 'DewVPN' and uninstall it.

DewVPN client for Mac:
Quit the DewVPN client then drag the DewVPN client from 'Applications' to 'Trash'. Restart your Mac.