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Twitter has become one of the most important tools for promoting business around the world

To do this, businesses need to maintain or run multiple accounts in order to maximize their social media efficiency. However, Twitter creates a challenge by banning users who open multiple accounts and use them with the same IP address. In addition, the governments of some countries block access to Twitter, in an attempt to limit their citizens’ exposure to social media platforms; this practice is commonly known as “geoblocking.” DewVPN allows you to freely use Twitter without the fear of being blocked.


To access Twitter with DewVPN:
Download DewVPN Chrome/Firefox Extension for FREE
Choose your preferred VPN Location
Step 2
Login to your Twitter account and enjoy access without limitations!

How does DewVPN work for Twitter?

DewVPN encrypts your network connection and assigns you with a different IP address from a location of your choice, so you can access and use your Twitter accounts freely.

DewVPN provides 100% security and anonymity. With our high-speed VPN servers, you can access your Twitter accounts freely.

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Get premium quality privacy and security like never before. DewVPN supports 256-AES encryption, known as a world-renowned military-grade encryption used to protect data. It also implements a zero-log policy, which means they never log anything nor keep track of all your online data and/or activities.